health care

For a growing child, health concern is one of the important aspects of his/her development. Therefore, health profile is being maintained for each student. For a regular check-up, qualified medical doctor is being called to examine the students. Medical facility is provided to the students during the school hours. SGNPS has a well equipped dispensary, with a trained nurse to provide first aid facility.


SGNPS has a huge library with rich collection of approximately more than 7000 books. The books include literature, fiction, novels, subject oriented, kids story books, periodicals, journals, information technology. Books are being issued to the students on regular basis. Students are motivated to use library for reference, studying and borrowing in order to enrich their learning experiences. This learning centre is equipped with a computer and curriculum based CD’s on all subjects for ready references.


Learning process is not accomplished till the time, practical demonstration is not given to the students. Keeping this view in mind, SGNPS offers well equipped labs in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Computer Science and Language. Students are being motivated to use labs. Time to time, latest instruments, appliances, specimens, charts are being added in the available stock.

audio-visual room

Use of "Audio-visual" technique in teaching-learning process plays a pivotal role. Slide projector is available and it can be used in multiple ways by showing slides, power point presentations, watching animated CD's, DVD’s of related subjects.

recreation/sports facility

The school provides an extensive sports and physical education programme. Facility includes a large field, Badminton court, Basket ball court, Tennis table, Cricket, Football, Volley ball, Base ball etc. Sports includes athletics, table tennis, cricket, hockey, soccer etc. Inter-House and Inter-School tournaments are held specially for cricket and football. Trained coaches render scientifically aided training to enthusiastic players before school hours.


The recent trends/changes that occur among teenagers, counselling is required to make them understand the root cause of their problem and disappointments and to make them strong to face the challenges of life and emerge as a successful human being.

For this purpose, SGNPS has a trained counsellor who organizes regular counselling sessions for juniors and seniors.

Career counselling is also provided to the students of class X and XII so that they are able to make correct career choice. An effective career guidance program is designed to make proper decision relating to their future.

activity hall

The activity hall is located at the basement of the school building. It is the venue for many co-curricular activities, performed on the basis of inter house involvement like debates, quiz etc.


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