Shri Guru Nanak Public School (SGNPS) believes that true education optimizes capabilities; develop analytical abilities, self confidence, will-power and goal accomplishment. SGNPS has its vision to inspire every child to become knowledgeable, sensible and honest.

This is done through inculcation of cultural and moral values, self discipline, smart thinking and developing children as assets. Working in close collaboration with parents/guardian and CBSE board guidelines, we aim at promoting all round development of students in every field (Education, Sports, Extra-curricular and Co-curricular activities). The school aims at giving the child a refined education as to equip him/her into better human being and to develop in him/her the competence to emerge successful and to be the individual of high moral values.

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More stress is laid on the following aspects

  • To teach our children to think for themselves to take their own decisions and be responsible for themselves.
  • To foster an atmosphere of secular spirituality.
  • To develop in the campus a caring community, concern for others and building good human relations based on tolerance and brother hood.
  • To encourage children to appreciate the value of hard work determination and persistence.
  • To foster the need of self discipline and to promote initiative and endeavour.
  • To excel the student in such a way that he/she can compete at National Level.
  • Directing and exercising emotions.
  • To prepare an effective and satisfying membership of the most important unit in the community i.e. the family.


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